Isolrubin BK – Crash Injury Trauma (2003)


1 Resistance Of The Human Head To Crash Impact 15:10
2 Motor Vehicle Collision Victim Removal Procedures 6:45
3 Three Possible Points Of Impact That A Driver May Incur When Colliding With An Object At Speed 5:12
4 The Dynamics Involved In An Injury By Mechanical Force 5:30
5 Extensive Fissured Skull Fractures Produced By The Head Striking The Border Of The Windshield 6:04
6 Cranio-Facial Absorption: Multiple Lacerations 8:18
7 Return To The Scene Of A Severe Road Traffic Accident For Detailed Investigation Of Conditions Pending Reconstruction 8:35


Brian Williams – Brian Lustmord / Arecibo / Dread / Les Derringer / T. G. T. (TGT / The Genetic Terrorists)

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