Lamb Of God – Terror And Hubris (DVD) (2003)


1 Intro
2 “How They Met” Interview
3 In The Absence Of The Sacred
4 The Blair Shit Project
5 Subtle Arts Of Murder And Persuasion (New England Metal Fest 2003)
6 “The Writing Process” Interview
7 Ruff Buffet
8 Hellfest Interview
9 Pariah (Hellfest 2003)
10 Behind The Scenes Of “Ruin” Video
11 Ruin (Hellfest And New England Metal Fest 2003)
12 Final Interview
13 Credits

DVD extras:
Feature Commentary from the band
Ruin (Music Video)
Black Label (Music Video)
DC Shoes Commercial
Contest winner video for 11th Hour
Subtle Arts (Full Live Song)
In the Absence (full live song)
Pariah (Full Live Song)
Ruin (Full Live Song)

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