V/A – Across The Tracks: Nashville R&B And Rock ‘N’ Roll (1995)


1 Little Ike– She Can Rock
2 Larry Birdsong– Every Night In The Week
3 ‘Little Shy Guy’ Douglas*– Let’s Rock And Roll
4 Earl Gaines– Now Do You Hear
5 Gene Allison– I Understand
6 Larry Birdsong– Somebody, Somewhere
7 The Fairfield Four– Let Your Will Be Done
8 Jimmy Beck & His Orchestra– Pipe Dreams
9 Gene Allison– Now That We’re Together
10 Christine Kittrell– I’m Just What You’re Looking For
11 Larry Birdsong– Young And Fancy Free
12 Clenest Gant– Jump-Jump-Hi Ho
13 Larry Birdsong– Do You Love Me
14 Gene Allison– You Gonna Be Sorry
15 Earl Gaines– Best Of Luck Baby
16 Larry Birdsong– Since You Left Me Behind
17 Rudy Green– Oh Baby
18 The Chellows – I Want To Be A Part Of You
19 Lucille & The Strangers– For You My Love
20 Lucille & The Strangers– I Know Johnny Loves Me
21 Jimmy Tig & The Rounders– Small Town Girl
22 Chuck Harrod & The Anteaters– They Wanna Fight
23 Johnny Keaton– Twistin’ USA
24 Ted Jarrett– Let’s Twist (Slow And Easy)
25 Herbert Hunter– Doctor Feel-Good
26 Levert Allison– I’m Going Home
27 Roscoe Shelton– Yesterday’s Mistake
28 The Consolers– Thank God Things Are As Well As They Are

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