V/A – Music For Generation Armageddon (2002)


Hammerheart Records Sampler Music For Generation Armageddon

1 Mercenary Seize The Night
2 Satariel Coffin Gateways
3 Morifade Lost Within A Shade
4 Necrophobic Dreams Shall Flesh
5 Demons of Dirt In Dreams
6 Sinister Bleeding Towards The Wendingo
7 Divercia Modus Operandi
8 Internecine The Elder Gods
9 Primordial The Heretics Age
10 Blood Red Throne Souls Of Damnation
11 Danse Macabre Danse Macabre (Lonely Puppet Mix)
12 Severe Torture Butchery Of The Soul
13 Thyrfing The Giant’s Laughter
14 Carpe Tenebrum To See Your Name
15 Cruachan The Children Of Lir
16 Rebaelliun Rebellious Vengance
17 Impious Dead Eyes Open
18 Hagalaz’ Runedance Frigga’S Web

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